SPOTLIGHT: Banjanor Treatment Center / Mexico

Bajanor Treatment Center

Located in the State of Baja California Mexico, just across the border town from San Diego , in Tijuana we take pride in being a caring hospital that provides service of which we may all be proud.

This year we are celebrating our center's 20th Anniversary. Over the years we have seen many changes, including the growth and expansion of both the physical facilities of the center as well as medical services being provided. We continue to thrive as an independent, community treatment center where we always put the patient first. We provide the most progressive medical services with compassionate care. Our employees, physicians and volunteers are a special group of people who, with caring hearts, helped to make Bajanor Treatment Center the wonderful facility it is today.

Dr. Carlos Alessandrini MD
Phone: 1-877-226-3453

We are very excited that our LifeOne program has celebrated it’s sixth anniversary. We are very proud of our LifeOne cancer treatment that has been improving outcomes for people throughout our region and all over the world.

Pictured Above:
Mariano Alberto Covarrubias Hidalgo M.D.
Gloria Magally Torres Solórzano M.D.
Antonio Cuevas Chong M.D.

Pictured Above:
The Cancer Team support staff at
Bajanor Treatment Center



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