I have recently learned about an excellent cancer treatment called LifeOne and will be including the detailed protocol in my next edition of Cancer-Step Outside the Box, which will be coming out later this summer. Below is a synopsis of the treatment.

Dr. James Howenstine is an American-trained medical doctor with over 30 years experience who utilizes LifeOne. According to Dr. Howenstine, “All immunodeficiency diseases are associated with an increased rate of malignant diseases including lymphoma, leukemia, Hodgkins Disease. Patients who are immunosuppressed from chemotherapy drugs and radiation can develop Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cervical cancer and Hodgkin’s disease…patients with auto-immune illnesses have an increased incidence of cancer because of the use of immune suppressing drugs. The immune system is involved in recognizing and destroying cancer cells.” 

LifeOne is a very specialized combination of natural herbal ingredients in liquid form bound in a specifically designed liposomal base. This liposomal base allows the full advantage of the active herbal ingredients to remain intact, without them being broken down in the digestive tract.  This liposomal carrier enables the herbal active constituents to exert full effect on the immune system, malignancies and viruses.  The active ingredients in LifeOne include the following natural herbs and ingredients: chrysin, coriolus versicolor, diindolymethane, resveratrol, tumeric, quercetin, green tea extract, and selenium methionine.

LifeOne provides the ammunition necessary for the body to recover from cancer, HIV, and other immunodeficiency diseases. LifeOne’s mechanisms of action involve mobilization of killer lymphocytes to attack malignant cells, as well as killing many harmful viruses, and repairing the damaged immune system (which is always seen in cancer patients).  It accomplishes this by stimulating production of killer lymphocytes and other lymphocytes that increase antibody production. LifeOne has two US patents as an immune healing product.

Clinical trials of LifeOne in patients with cancer and HIV have been carried out in Venezuela and Mexico, respectively. In this article, Dr. Howenstine states, “LifeOne has been able to cure an extremely wide variety of cancer cell types. Invitro testing has shown it to be effective on 7 out of 7 cancer cell types tested, including two types of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and acute Promyelocytic leukemia.”

Unlike other natural cancer therapies, LifeOne has undergone extensive testing including invitro testing on several cancer cell lines.  These tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the product against various cell lines at varying concentrations.  Dr. Valerie Beason did this testing while she was working at the NIH and NCI.  The tests showed that LifeOne did indeed kill all seven cancer cell lines tested, even though the cancer cell types were diverse.  Equally important, it also showed that it did not harm normal cells.

Even though the invitro testing showed LifeOne to be effective against all seven cell lines tested, clinically it has also shown itself to be equally effective in patient treatment against hepatic cancer, renal cancer, glioblastoma multiforma, invasive ductal cell carcinoma, oligodendroglioma, lung cancer, and small cell lung cancer as well as bladder, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, melanoma, sarcomas, and brain tumors. One very strong proponent of LifeOne is Dr. Paul La Rochelle, M.D., who is an orthopedic surgeon as well as an oncological surgeon.  Dr. LaRochelle has used LifeOne on countless patients diagnosed with stage four cancers, from breast to liver and many others.  He has never failed to bring the cancer under control using LifeOne. 

All testing done on LifeOne was independently done with no physicians or veterinarians paid for their research.  These participating physicians did the research because they were actively looking for better methods of treatment.  Can you see a difference in this approach as opposed to the bribery and corruption that characterize Big Pharma’s drug testing?

A knowledgeable health care practitioner is needed to monitor this therapy.  Dr. Howenstine has lived in Costa Rica for over a decade, but traveling to Costa Rica to visit him is not necessary, as he regularly works with patients via email and telephone. His email address is below, and he can also be reached via telephone at 011-506-2262-7504 (note: the 011 is the code used in America to make international calls). Learn more about Dr. Howenstine here. Purchase LifeOne here. (No, I dont make any money from this....)

Dr. Howenstines email: dr.jimhow@gmail.com

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