AMAS Test Information
(Blood Cancer Test)
Beginning Oct. 1st 2005, The cost of the AMAS test will be $165.00 US. ( Payable in check or credit card. Information kits and shipping kits are still free. Requests can be made by phone at 1-800-9CA-TEST, by fax at 617-536-0657, or via the website at

Medicare continues to pay for the AMAS Test. Most insurers will reimburse part of all your costs once they become familiar with the test and know it is Medicare approved.

The lists of healthcareproviders and labs familiar with the AMAS Test are continuing to grow. Please contact them if you need to find a local provider.

They also have access to a national directory of dry ice vendors at If you do not have internet access, call them and they can help you locate dry ice in your area.



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