Some of you may already know this and some may not but I thought I'd send this update out just to make sure that anyone interested would know what's up now.

Thank you for your concern, prayers, and well wishes about my cancer diagnosis - I really appreciate it very much! I apologize for not responding much earlier but I hope you can appreciate the huge volume of emails and phone calls that I have had to field as a result, in addition to my normal business communications and commitments which have not slowed in the least.

When my diagnosis was finally confirmed around the end of September, modern medicine had given me a relatively short time to live and presented chemo therapy as the only treatment option and even that would not add very much quality time of life, if any. Being told that chemo was my only option and its dim prospects seemed far too difficult for me to accept. I had never given up in my whole life, and this seemed like a particularly bad time to do that, so I immediately began intensive research into any other treatment options and ultimately decided to forego chemo in favor of an alternative option as being MY only viable choice to actually beat this disease. Although there are thousands of “quick cure” alternatives out there, most of them are actually unproven claims preying on desperate individuals, that ultimately help only the specific “snake oil” salesman making these claims.

To make a long story short, I chose a formula and regimen called LifeOne, along with drastic dietary changes and supplements and it has already begun to show great progress with me. Make no mistake, this is not a pain free or immediate panacea, but physical results as well as medical tests have now proven that this is working and will continue to do so. Needless to say, the “modern medicine” community is absolutely astounded and speechless with my results so far. Therefore, I will continue this intensive course of treatment with complete success being the ultimate goal; and I am elated to say that I am well on my way there now.

Read the more recent letter below for more information on LifeOne and what it did for me.

Mike Pfister
Pfister Global Sourcing, LLC

LifeOne formula based cancer fighting program


The LifeOne formula was developed by an American physician about 13 years ago after over 10 years of intensive laboratory work. Unfortunately, due to the extraordinary and mind boggling profits derived from the modern medicine model of cancer treatment and fully supported by the governments of the U.S., Great Brittan, and most other “modern medical” countries consisting in all cases only of surgery, chemo therapy, and radiation, they have been able to limit and marginalize all alternative treatments which preclude them from enjoying their obscene profits. We have all seen the Establishment successfully marginalize many issues and things in the past such as political parties, religious beliefs, and any non-mainstream beliefs or practices, but this one is huge because of the monumental profits being protected.

All of the above is written to respond to the most obvious question of, “If this is so good, then why doesn’t everyone know about it and use it instead of the generally accepted treatment of surgery, chemo, radiation, almost always followed by certain death”. This whole subject is too lengthy to get into here but simply suffice to know that the tactics being used to suppress LifeOne and similar products, are multitudinous and all encompassing and they have made alternative treatment very difficult (but not impossible) to obtain in the U.S. However for this reason, and that the Internet is nearly impossible to suppress, most of the information available on LifeOne is only available on the Internet, so I will only outline the most pertinent information in this letter, while more detailed information will remain available on certain web sites that I will list here from time to time.

By the way, I am not a physician of any kind but I was finally diagnosed in September of 2010 after a couple of strong suspicion months, with advanced stage IV Lung Cancer, which had metastasized to many specific bone locations, with less than 4 months to live and chemo as my only and urgent option. But by the end of September I was feeling both mentally and physically that death was very imminent. I refused to believe chemo was my only option so I began intensive Internet research and to make a very long story short – I found LifeOne and after less than four weeks, I am basically cancer free now. I have absolutely no money to make by telling you this and in fact I will only talk to friends, family and friends thereof, as I must get my old life back in shape before I even consider spending much time on spreading the word about LifeOne. You will see the definition later, but I am only on Phase 2 of 3 Phases of the LifeOne program.      

Much more detailed information is available at or just copy and paste or type into your browser’s address bar.

Phases of LifeOne Program

The LifeOne program consists of three distinct phases and they are performed in succession but I will only focus on Phase 1, which is the most urgent and simplest to follow on your own;
Phase 1 – Once the cancer has been identified and confirmed by use of blood tests, CT, PET and/or MRI scans, possible biopsy, and a doctor’s evaluation. At this point you will likely be told your cancer stage, diagnosis, and conventional treatment option. You will almost always be told that treatment is required immediately, but this is almost never true and especially if you are less than stage 4. (I was stage late 4 and it still worked.) You need to be very strong because they can easily overwhelm and intimidate you, but remember it is your life, you own it and have complete control over it, not any doctor or anyone else. It is important to always remember that they work for you and can be fired at any minute – I fired at least four myself and am never intimidated by anyone. They just tell you their treatment is required immediately because once you start it, you are likely hooked on it for the rest of your short and miserable life because unlike LifeOne, traditional treatment nearly always closes the door to alternatives. There is about a one in a million chance that any alternative treatment option is even mentioned, but if there is one, then consider yourself extremely lucky and seize this rare opportunity to have this particular doctor assist you with your LifeOne therapy. In the more likely event that the traditional doctor(s) do not recommend or decline to help you with any alternative treatment, you need to begin on your own – as I did. Fortunately Phase 1 of LifeOne is the most important and simplest one and doesn’t require a doctor’s assistance.

Next, you simply go to the web site of or call 407-349-2241. They are in Florida and will ship by almost any method you want on the same day you place the order. The price is about $560.00 for 4 bottles, which is about a one month initial supply and this may seem expensive on the surface but is really only a fraction of traditional therapy, and this one even works! I don’t know how you feel, but I would gladly pay almost any price for something that really works, whether covered by insurance or not!

Now, once you have ordered your initial shipment of LifeOne formula, you will need to order a special blood test kit called AMAS, from a laboratory named Onco Lab, Inc. in Boston. The test kit is free, but the actual blood draw and test are not. You will want to take this test ASAP so that you have a baseline test to compare your progress against about 4 weeks later and hopefully at which time it will show that your cancer threat is essentially gone.

Onco Lab has a good web site that will help you find a local lab to do the special blood draw for you. Their web site is: and their phone number is 800-922-8378 and I have found their customer service to be very helpful. For example, I was able to find potential labs by searching near Milwaukee, WI and came up with three, located in Waukesha, Sheboygan, and Kenosha.

Lastly, but actually started as soon as you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to start a special diet that I have outlined below in italics. This diet (or any other diet) alone does not cure any cancer but this diet cuts off the main food source of cancer cells and if we can cut off its food source AND use LifeOne, we can effectively beat it.

Remember that my diet is strictly for me and you when taking LifeOne and fighting cancer and will not last any longer a couple of months while taking LifeOne on a regular basis or dose and is not necessarily the best for losing weight or any other reason. This diet is simple because it actually lists only things that you should absolutely avoid under any circumstances and in some cases where it is not obvious what it includes, I am also adding some special notes that I have learned along the way. I am not a nutritional expert, but I think I am now an expert on what I cannot ingest to make LifeOne work its best for me and you.

glucose, or sugar by any other of a million names and of course my favorite – chocolate
Simple carbohydrates,
And kind of flour, most pasta, processed foods, most juices, white rice, gluten, white potatoes, starch, most bread, any dried fruit, ripe bananas, watermelon, cookies, or cakes

What you could eat if very careful about ingredients or otherwise to make sure of what you’re eating
brown rice, wild rice, or rice pilaf, gluten free bread of whole or multi-grain ONLY, pasta containing no wheat or gluten

That’s my whole simple list and until I became pretty good at it, I only paid attention to the NEVER EAT part, and for simplicity, I still do for the most part. There are probably a few things that are specifically good to eat, but I find it much simpler to just not eat the bad things

Once you start the LifeOne formula and do the AMAS test, and adhere to the strict stage 1 diet plan, you are well on your way after a few weeks, to cancer freedom in Phase 1.

Phase 2- (If you haven’t begun stage 1 yet, I recommend you don’t waste much time reading stage 2 & 3 because you’ll have plenty of time to do this during phase 1.) Once you have confirmation that your cancer has been beaten back or down or even out of your body entirely, you will begin Phase 2 which consists of repairing the damage to the parts of your body caused by cancer. For this phase, it becomes much more important to have a “local” doctor to work with you. If you haven’t already found one, you can go back to the Onco Lab web site and use the “find a doctor” search function. For example, I just searched for a doctor near Milwaukee, WI and turned up ones located in Mequon, Sussex, and Kenosha. The key here is to find a doctor that will help you find natural supplements, enzymes and vitamins to help rebuild the specific areas of your body damaged by cancer. This doctor will also have available the different experts at LifeOne to assist him or her in their efforts. Such assistance is only available to other health providers at this time. Once you have completed phase 2, the duration of which depends upon the amount and type of damage, you can begin with phase 3.

Phase 3- This phase deals with identifying the actual reason that caused cancer to  attack your body in the first place and making sure it never happens again. This phase is always non-existent with traditional medicine but an obviously important part in remaining alive and productive for a long time. This phase almost always requires the use of a medical professional and almost always can be the same one chosen above.

All of the above should give you an excellent start on eliminating cancer from your body, as well as repairing and in ultimately determining and fighting the original cause of your cancer. This is exactly the plan that I have been using and it works excellent for me and I hope it will for you too.

MFP- 11/7/10




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