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Thank you for your concern, prayers, and well wishes about my cancer diagnosis - I really appreciate it very much! I apologize for not responding much earlier but I hope you can appreciate the huge volume of emails and phone calls that I have had to field as a result, in addition to my normal business communications and commitments which have not slowed in the least. -READ MORE.

"My mother was ill with the flu for a month. I sent her a bottle of LifeOne, and she began taking it as directed. In two days, her flu was gone. Coincidence? I don't think so."

Lee N. Sheldon, DMD

"My sister was diagnosed of ovarian cancer stage IV here in the United States. No surgery or chemo was recommended. She's already hopice. Desperate we send her back to the Philippines. But I researched in the internet and I found Life One. I send that to her, after 10 days of taking Life One her CT125-ovarian cancer test went down. From 2820 ti went down to 360. Amazing. Life One gave as hope. Her oncologist was surprised. Now she;s recommended for chemo. Life One is a miracle. I will update you for further development of my sister."


"I was diagnosed with Stage 1, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2000. At that time I thought my only option for treatment would have to be chemotherapy. I did undergo six months of chemotherapy and was then released by my doctor with a “clean bill of health” or so I thought.

In addition to the short and long term side effects chemotherapy has on the body if I continued doing the same things I had always done I most assuredly would have become sick again very soon. I was unaware of how my current and past lifestyle was affecting my overall health and well-being. That is until I met a wonderful doctor. He began to educate me about my cancer and cancer in general. He further stressed the importance of changing my current eating habits, the necessity of adding supplements and natural remedies to my diet and how to incorporate an exercise program. He has been helping me build my immune system back up with a formula called LifeOne to get me on the road to a clean bill of health.

To this day I am still cancer free and I have never felt better. I thank my God and I thank the wonderful doctor for caring so much. His knowledge and expertise has made the difference between life and death for me and for that I am very grateful. I could not have done it without him."

Marylou Lindsay

"Several weeks ago, I ordered 3 bottles of your wonderful product. It was shipped overnight as promised and received in excellent condition. During the following days, my mom, who has pancreatic cancer and was hospitalized, began taking the product four times per day. As promised, she miraculously had several "better" days, and was more conversant and even joked and laughed.

Sadly, the effects of hospitalization and "modern" medicine have worn her down and she is nearing the end of her life. We are grateful for the several extra good days we believe your product gave her and us.

Thank you so much."

Lynn Frank

Our sister (62 y.o.) was diagnosed on February 12, 2003 with non-small cell carcinoma and three brain lesions. The doctors at the hospital in Florida informed her that there was no surgical procedure to help her and that she would require five weeks of whole brain radiation on a Mon-Fri basis, followed by one and one-half weeks per each lesion of radiation. This was considered palative care only. They also advised chemotherapy. The radiation oncologist told her if she did not have the WBR, she would be dead in four weeks. She had four treatments before she started to have multiple problems in addition to her previous diagnosis. The oncologist indicated it was "coincidental". Through a neighbor we heard about Dr. La Rochelle. To make a long story short, Dr. La Rochelle requested an AMASS test, started Shelly on the LifeOne formula and a diet free of sugar(s).

Three weeks ago Shelly had another MRI of the brain and there were no new brain lesions and the three from before were the same size. There was significantly less edema around the one lesion however, she was still on 4 mg. of Decadron daily. Apparently with the amount of time that had passed most patients would have more new lesions and enlargement of the original lesions.

We feel that there is little doubt that we would not have our sister today if it were not for Dr. La Rochelle and the LifeOne Formula.

Greg Pigeon - Grants Pass, Oregon

I Have been practicing medicine since 1980 in Tijuana Mexico, treating Cancer and HIV patients with all alternative and orthodox medicine therapies available, since we added LifeOne to our protocol all our immune deficit patients have improved like no other therapy I have seen, I took the challenge and had baseline lab samples from a random selection of patients before and after adding LifeOne to our protocol and the results where amazing.

DR. Carlos Alessandrini M.D.
General Director
Health Extension Life Protocol

My first experience with Lifeone was with my father. He had been through several chemo treatments for leukemia. He caught a cold which developed into double pneumonia. After three days in the hospital he was not getting better he was getting worse. The doctors had told my mom that he was not responding to their treatments. I was fortunate enough to get a bottle of Lifeone which we starting giving to him. 2oz three times a day. 48 Hours later he was so much better the doctor let him go home. (Yes, they were scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened) He came home with one of those Oxygen tanks on wheels that follow you wherever you go. He was told he would be on that for a least 6 weeks. On good advice we added CoQ10 along with the Lifeone and he was off the oxygen before the end of the first week. His Leukemia has gone into remission and has been there for about three years now. His oncologist told him "I don't know what you are doing and I don't want to know...but keep doing it. Hmmm, I wonder why he did not want to know?

After seeing first hand what Lifeone can do I became very interested in this product. This product is designed to build up your immune system thereby allowing your immune system to do its job of fighting and/or preventing the onset of many diseases.

In 1996 I had my beautiful daughter and one week later my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. At first they said it was Lymphoma and he might have three months to live. We found out about two months later that It was CLL. With the first diagnosis of Lymphoma my whole family was shocked, scared and all the other emotions that come with this kind of diagnosis.

I went to see my Family Doctor because I had been feeling very sad, scared and anxious. His solution to this was to put me on Paxil. I tried it for several months and had some very bad experiences from it. I refer to that time as my "Jimmy Hendrix Experience" if you get my drift. My Dr. switched me to Prozac. I went on my merry way with all of his assurances that this was a completely safe drug for me to be on FOREVER. He was partly right. Nothing bothered me anymore. No sadness AND no happiness. I look back at it and can only describe it as "I merely existed". I was enlightened by a very dear friend about Prozac and other Prozac like drugs (read The Prozac Backlash). I went to my Dr. THREE times asking for his help to wean myself off the Prozac. He just kept saying it's safe and you need to stay on it. Finally on my last visit he became angry with me and told me if I wanted off it to just stop taking it. So I did. If you know about this stuff you know that stopping cold turkey is not recommended.

Also at this last visit I had my Doctor look at my bottom lip. A small bump kept coming up and I kept picking at it till it came off only to have it come right back again. This had gone on of about a year. The Dr. took a slice and sent it off to the lab. I received a call two weeks later and was told it was Basil Cell Carcinoma and I had to go to another Dr. to have it CUT out. I was not thrilled about having a chunk of my bottom lip cut out. I went on Lifeone initially 2 oz 3x day for about 1 month then I took 2oz once a day. The bump went away in about three weeks and never came back.
It's been about three years now.

After being off the Prozac about two or three months I had a full blown, terrifying, anxiety attack. I just knew I was going to die right then and there. This happened at about 11pm and the next day I was so weak and so scared. I did not know at the time what was happening to me. I called my mom and she immediately took me to the Dr. He told me that what I had experienced was an anxiety attack and I needed to go back on the PROZAC. I DON'T THINK SO. Prozac and other drugs like it can cause anxiety attacks (read The Prozac Backlash). I increased the Lifeone back to 2oz 3x a day. I had more anxiety attacks for the next few months but not nearly as bad as the first one and each time it was not as bad as the time before. There were other unpleasant side effects from going off the Prozac but they did not stay with me very long.

I found out that what I really needed was to get a handle on my hormone levels and work to get them back in balance. I had my son in 94 and my daughter in 96. I was 37 at the time. Having babies and getting older put my hormones out of wack. Now at 44 I feel stronger and better than I did in my 20's. I rarely get sick any more and I haven't had anymore chronic bronchitis at all. When Flu season comes around I don't catch it like I used to. This stuff kicks when it comes to viral infections.

Well anyway that's my story. I can't say enough about this product and the life changing effects it can have on you. Ok it does not taste very good but you do get used to it. It's so worth it. TYGWS

LM, Melbourne, Fl

"I bought 3 bottles of LifeOne and used it religiously (twice a day) for 1 and a half bottles. Still have 1 1/2 left. For over a year I had a cutaneous horn growing on the front edge of my left nostril. I would pull it off, it would bleed for a short time and then in about 2-3 weeks it would grow back. Finally I went to my personal dernatologist, Shari Skinner, MD, of Fort Myers, FL. She took a bite biopsy and the pathology report was basal and squamous cell cancer combined with questionable infiltration. I was referred to a plastic surgeon to have it completely excised. I said "No thank you, I have seen some of his work and I plan to use a natural formulation." I saw her 6 weeks later and there was no evidence of the cancer, only a small divit where she had biopsied it. I told her what I was doing and she said to see her again in 3 months. That is coming up in about a month.

Thank you for the great product."

John R. Pletincks II, M.D.,
Board Certified, American Board of Surgery

"My practice is the treatment of varicose and spider veins by injection sclerotherapy and minimally invasive micro-incisional stripping of the bulging varicose veins. A non-medical partner and I plan to open MedSpas in Naples, Fort Myers, and other cities in Florida. I will incorporate lasers, micro-dermabrasion, botox as well as mesodermal therapy to remove the effects of aging. We will also be doing nutritional counseling as well."

"Occasionally I get a cyst like thing on my would be sore, and will not leave, even after 4 or 5 months so I end up using a pulling salve, which works good but is painful and leaves behind a scar...this time I used LIfeOne topically... in two days soreness was gone and the cyst disappeared entirely. Obviously it worked. I had an empty bottle of lifeone, but since I had inadvertently been lax in proper shaking technique, there was quite a bit of loose herb in the bottom of the bottle."

Dr. Gary Kersey
Winter Springs, FL

"Since cancer runs in my family, my doctor suggested having an AMAS test, to see if I had active cancer cells. ( Check out AMAS Medical test, on the internet to get all details.) Even though appearing very healthy, my cancer count was high. I started taking LifeOne, one oz., three times daily, everyday. After 6 months, I had my 2nd AMAS, and my cancer cells were no longer in the active column, in fact, they were low/normal. During this time, I had gotten my diet under control, which meant no sugar as sugar feeds cancer. As soon as I had my cancer cell count under control, I started enjoying sweets again, and only took LifeOne when I remembered to do it, which was maybe once a month, if that. One year after my second AMAS, I took the third one, and because of neglect of good diet, and not being on LifeOne, my active cancer cell count was higher than before. I have been back on formula, 3 times daily, and no longer have sweets/high carbs in my diet. The fourth AMAS is again low/normal, so I know that this has to be my way of life, for the rest of my life.

LifeOne doesn't have the most pleasant taste, but knowing how much it helps me, it is certainly worth holding my breath when swallowing. It just seems to build up your immune system so that your own body can destroy the active cancer cells, plus all the benefits of fighting everyday infections/colds/flu."

Melbourne, Florida


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