Cost and Compare.

When comparing the cost for the LifeOne formula with other cancer treatments, be sure to consider each treatment alternative as a whole, together with all doctor visits, procedures, all complimentary medicines, and follow-up care. Also, make sure you are aware of the treatment success rates on your particular type of cancer and treatment alternative. The links on this page should help you consider the impact of treatment alternatives.

Cost of cancer

In the early 1970’s, American leaders declared war on cancer. Take a look at some of the statistics from U.S. government agencies regarding conventional cancer treatment results. Everyone knows cancer treatment in the U.S. is big business, but how big is it really?

Comparing Natural and Conventional Methods

The way cancer is treated depends very much on how the disease is viewed. Is it just a tumor which needs to be removed some way or the other, or is it more than just about that growth?

Conventional medicine views cancer as just that lump, that tumor, that abnormal growth. Hence its unceasing efforts to destroy the tumor, through radiation (burning), chemotherapy (poisoning) and surgery (cutting). It does this at almost all costs, most definitely at the expense of the patient’s wellbeing, and often at the expense of his or her life.

Simple question - if conventional medicine’s point of view is correct, how is it, then, that after decades of research and treatment, trillions of dollars pumped in and millions of people working on the subject, its results just keep getting worse and worse?

The answer is quite simple - it’s treating the wrong thing. Its view of the disease called “cancer” is narrow-minded, limited and, quite simply put, erroneous.

Conventional Medicine’s “War on Cancer”

Examining the Truth. So much is always said and published about the supposed “War on Cancer”. Conventional medicine and its proponents would like people to believe to that we are winning the war, that we are making progress against the disease, that we are saving lives.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The whole “war on cancer” is, at best, an abject failure and, at worst, a horrible scam and crime against humanity.

The medical establishment and drug companies need people and the public to believe that things are going well. Only this way, would they stay “in power”; only this way, would donation dollars continuing flowing toward them; and, only this way, will people continue be put through their savage cancer “treatment” methods, while lining their pockets with blood-stained drug profits.

This all sounds so extreme, so hard-line. But I am not the only one who believes this to be the truth.

LifeOne Formula Costs

LifeOne formula: $145.00US per bottle. Recommended dosage: two tablespoons (or 1 oz, or 30 ml) - 3 times per day for the first month, then one tablespoon (or 0.5 oz, or 15 ml) - 3 times per day for the remaining treatment course. After three months re-evaluate changes by comparing new blood chemistries to the original baseline tests. This dosage equates to an approximate need of 6 bottles for the first month, then 3 bottles per month for the remaining treatment course. Be sure to follow formula protocol. Click here for complete ording information and price packages.


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